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Random Butcher Encounters Wreaking Havoc in Diablo 4 Beta Dungeons

Fans getting their first taste of the Diablo IV test this weekend are also finding that dungeons can be a source of hack and slash mayhem if they aren’t cautious. While investigating the depths of Sanctuary, some players are unintentionally encountering a fan-favorite creature of hell known as The Butcher. This villain is a series mainstay, and meeting him in the beta is guaranteed to get your heart racing.

Unlucky players have turned to Reddit to vent about their brush with the hook-wielding monster. The Butcher appears to have a very low chance of spawning in the tunnels surrounding the Fractured Peaks. The beating of feet will alert you to his presence, and he will even exclaim, “Fresh meat!” when he spots you.

When this encounter occurs, most competitors are unprepared, which can result in some crushing losses. The Butcher is relentless and cruel, but he will despawn after killing you, implying that this is only a brief stumbling block.

Higher level players have found that killing the Butcher is entirely feasible, albeit with significant firepower. You only have a short time to defeat him before he kills you or despawns, so you must deal a lot of harm to his health bar to be effective. However, if you manage to defeat him, you will have a shot at some rare loot drops.

Diablo 4’s early access test will run through the weekend, and open beta will begin the following weekend. Gamers who preordered the game (or bought a chicken meal at KFC) will be able to play it right away. However, the game is proving to be extremely popular, resulting in a slew of mistakes, long queues, and server problems.

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