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Destiny 2 Server Status: Is the Game Currently Down?

The Destiny 2 networks frequently experience problems, and when this occurs, you will be unable to access the game. You’ll notice an issue when you try to enter the game’s interface and you’re about to select the Guardian you want to play, but it stops you. There are several causes for this. Here’s what you need to know about Destiny 2’s server state and whether or not the problem is on your end.

Is Destiny 2 offline? What is going on with the servers?

The Destiny 2 servers have been locked down in preparation for the release of Lightfall, the major update for 2023. Destiny 2 will be unavailable until February 28 at 12 PM ET, a complete 24-hour period. While the game is down, all users should be able to begin getting the Lightfall expansion, which is quite large. We suggest that everyone initiate this process to prepare for the highly expected expansion’s first day.

This outage follows last week’s 24-hour maintenance timer, when a similar problem happened, with Destiny 2 fans anxiously waiting for it to be resolved. With the problem occurring a second time, players should not have to contend with it every week until Lightfall releases on February 28.

Follow the Bungie Help Twitter website to get the most up-to-date information on the server upgrade. Alternatively, you can use the DownDetector for Destiny 2 or visit the Bungie support website to see if the situation has changed.

Bungie is unlikely to keep these systems offline for any longer than necessary, but it’s unclear whether the assessment is accurate. Continue to monitor news reports to see if the computers can be restored sooner than expected or if you will have to wait longer.

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