You are currently viewing Destiny 2 players believe they have uncovered the identity of the new raid boss, and it seems that Bungie did a poor job of keeping it a secret

Destiny 2 players believe they have uncovered the identity of the new raid boss, and it seems that Bungie did a poor job of keeping it a secret

Lightfall has come in Destiny 2, and there have been many varied reactions. Fans love the mod modification Bungie developed, but they’re divided about the story’s implementation, labeling it lackluster and subpar. Despite the varied reactions, players are looking forward to the advent of the World First species for the forthcoming raid, The Root of Nightmares. Fans have plenty of evidence pointing to who the ultimate enemy will be well in advance of its debut, and it feels like Bungie has been virtually giving out the answer.

The conjecture is based on a lot of dialogue that surfaces after you finish the Lightfall mission. Much happens on Neptune while completing the numerous secondary tasks, exotic assignments, and the Terminal Overload action. Many supporters think Nesarec will be the ultimate monster in The Root of Nightmares assault, and he may struggle against Strand.

Players know very little about Nesarec, but we’ve steadily learned more about this potent force in recent years, most notably during last year’s Season of Plunder. It comes out that Eliskni found Nesarec’s corpse and cut up his body to give them power, which The Witness assigned Eramis to find during this time.

Nesarec is a Disciple of The Witness, a strong entity enabled by The Witness, and was named by Rhulk, the raid enemy from The Witch Queen update, The Last Vow. It’s thought that Nesarec was the initial proprietor of the Lunar Pyramid, and many other accounts refer to him as “the ultimate deity of agony.” When Nesarec fell during the first Collapse, he left the Lunar Pyramid abandoned.

Because dialogue related to Nesarec frequently occurs in numerous actions after finishing the Lightfall campaign, fans think he is the forthcoming boss for The Roots of Nightmare. This conversation was originally from an unknown speaker, but it was later verified to be a Nesarec, with many thinking he’s beginning to awaken following the events of The Veil and The Witness going through the Traveler.

Although we cannot corroborate this information, the specifics appear to be correct. It also appears that Bungie has done little to conceal this truth, is less concerned with the mystery of everything, and is eager to share this with followers. Ideally, when The Roots of Nightmare assault begins next week on March 9, World First contestants and supporters will be able to finally lay Nesarec to rest.

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