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Destiny 2 Lightfall: Get Ready for Flashy Weapons and Gear with Cyberpunk Vibes

The latest trailer for Destiny 2’s widely awaited addition, Lightfall, has been released. Bungie focuses on the central theme that binds all Guardians together: loot. The film shows off some of the new weapons and armor that players can expect to gain by progressing through the expansion, and these things are likely to emerge throughout the campaign. It also displays the tremendous Strand powers that players will get when they travel to Neptune to face the Witness and Calus.

The sizzle reel included never-before-seen Destiny 2 weaponry like as the Final Warning sidearm, the Deterministic Chaos machine gun, the Crytarachne’s Facade Hunter helmet, Abeyant Leap Titan leggings, and the Swarmers.

Bungie explains the Destiny 2 downtime and increases the possibilities of receiving Deepsight Resonance weapon drops before Lightfall.

The Winterbite, a Statis Glaive that freezes foes with frost spheres, was one of the trailer’s standout weapons. It emerged at the end of the teaser’s brief duration. It displayed a slow-moving ice sphere that struck at opponents, locking them in place for Guardians to slay and shatter into the earth.

Fans have been drawn more into neon Cyberpunk by the overall design of the impending Lightfall expansion. The Final Warning sidearm, a weapon with charged tracking rounds that enthusiasts think was strongly influenced by the smart weaponry from CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077, is introduced in this latest teaser.

Although Strand was not explicitly seen in this teaser, fans did get a taste of how this impending Darkness ability will interact with their new weaponry and armor. The Titan class exemplifies this, as they release a Strand-inspired barrier that fires many green bursts, and foes hit by these bursts are hurled into the air, dangling hopelessly from different neon-green Strand strands. While Strand was not the main emphasis in this preview, getting a glimpse of this new addition that unlocks for Lightfall campaign players was a rare treat.

Lightfall, the Destiny 2 DLC, will be released on February 28 and will take place on Neptune.

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