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Destiny 2 Collections: A Guide to Unlocking and Using the Game’s Most Coveted Rewards!

Collections is a new element in Destiny 2: Forsaken that is an important aspect of the looting and shooting experience. Earning weapons, armor, and exotics is an important aspect of Destiny 2, but you may need to eliminate certain things to make room for all of the new gear that each season brings. Collections is a mechanism that allows you to recover items and keep track of how much you’ve unlocked and which armor sets you’ve earned. This is how Destiny 2’s collections function.

How Collections function in Destiny 2

When you pull up your character screen in Destiny 2, the Collections menu tab will appear beside the Triumphs tab. The Collections screen does exactly what its name implies: it keeps track of everything you’ve bought and saves it in your Collections. When you pick up a new gun or decode a new piece of armor, all of its details, lore, benefits, and more will be logged here.

You can reclaim a piece of equipment from your Collections at any moment. You’ll have to pay with a mix of Glimmer, Legendary Shards, or Enhancement Cores depending on the item. If you have the currency, you can buy and deliver the item to your inventory. Certain pieces of equipment cannot be replaced. Most Legendary armor and weapons cannot be claimed via the collections tab. Any randomized stats gear will allow you look at it, but it cannot be recovered from this tab.

How to Track Your Gear in Destiny 2 Using Collections

The Collections system also has a secondary function: it tracks your gear. All of your equipment is organized into various categories inside the Collections system, such as Exotics, Endgame, and Universal Ornaments. When you complete a collection by locating all of the items, your Guardian will receive a Badge. Completing a badge is necessary to create certain titles that may be equipped on your Guardian.

The Collections panel is also a wonderful way to keep track of newly obtained stuff, which can be quite useful when you’re blazing through new mission content and being overwhelmed by new gear.

You may now focus on cleansing your Vault and establishing a build for demanding seasonal content and activities now that you’ve mastered the new Collections system.

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