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Mastering Teamwork Survivor Perks in Dead by Daylight

So, let’s talk about how Survivors can stay alive in Dead by Daylight – perks, baby! And now, with the Tools of Torment update, we got a whole new type of perk – Teamwork perks. These bad boys require some serious cooperation from your Survivor squad to get the most out of them and gain a killer advantage (pun intended) against the Killer. So, here’s the scoop on how Teamwork Survivor perks work in Dead by Daylight.

What are the advantages of teamwork in Dead by Daylight?

Basically, these perks need two Survivors to team up and work together for their effects to fully kick in. For example, with the Power of Two perk, one player moves 5% faster after healing another Survivor, as long as they stay within 12 meters of each other or one of them gets hit. But if they leave that radius, the increased speed disappears faster than a Killer’s victims.

The second perk, Collective Stealth, is just as sweet. If another Survivor finishes healing you, both of you won’t leave scratch marks as long as you remain within 12 meters of each other or until one of you loses a Health State. And guess what? These perks can work together! If two players have different Teamwork perks, they can function together, making it super hard for a Killer to track them down.

But here’s the deal, amigo – you can’t have two of the same perks overlapping. That means two players with Collective Stealth can’t gain benefits from two separate perks, and the same goes for Power of Two. So, before facing off against a deadly Killer, make sure to talk it out with your team and figure out how to best use these perks.

So, get ready to team up, communicate, and stay alive with those Teamwork perks, my fellow Survivors!

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