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Crypto bros caught by surprise as they face lawsuit over Pokémon NFT game

Most longtime Pokémon enthusiasts throughout the world understand that a legal dispute with The Pokémon Company is not worth the trouble. It’s a losing battle from here on out. Since The Pokémon Company is notorious for bringing creators down with litigation, most dedicated gamers are understandably wary of producing even fan games based on the iconic series. But some crypto dudes in Australia toyed with the notion of developing a Pokémon NFT game. They said that the game is authentic because it was developed in conjunction with The Pokémon Company, so players can expect to receive the same high quality that fans of the franchise have come to expect.

Pikachu, Eevee, and the rest of the gen one starters are now available as NFTs in Pokeworld, a new NFT game developed by Kotiota Studios based on the Pokémon franchise. Then they may utilize those Pokémon in combat against other players for the game’s virtual currency, called “$POKESHAR.” It appears that Kotiota Studios sought to capitalize on Pokémon’s popularity in order to advertise and sell their own video game.

The Pokémon Company filed a lawsuit against Pokemon Pty Ltd (also known as Kotiota Studios) on December 21 for infringing upon the Pokémon brand and franchise in marketing their NFT project. However, it would appear that no one from the bogus Pokémon NFT initiative presented themselves to the Australian authorities to justify their activities.

Most people would be startled to learn how many untruths can be found on Kotiota Studios’ official site after even a cursory examination. KOTIOTA Studio is active in open-world game design and animation,” they said, explaining their role in the recently released Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Aside from that, they state that they are “one of The Pokémon Company’s (Japan) list of contractor partners, which covers the whole range of animation and gaming environment development.” With this matter before the court, we can be sure that this is totally untrue.

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