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Counting Down: The Epic Finale of the Dark and Darker Playtest

Ironmace’s Dark and Darker, a fascinating dungeon crawler, is still in its early phases of development. Its most recent playtest, which began on February 6, is well underway, and players all across the world are presently enjoying the game’s unique gameplay and surroundings. The treasure will have to end at some point, and gamers are asking when the most recent playtest will conclude. If you’re wondering when it’ll be over, we’ve got all the details you’ll need right here.

When will the Dark & Darker playtest conclude?

Dark and Darker’s fourth Alpha playtest, which overlaps with Steam Next Fest in February, has an official finish date of February 16, 2023 at midnight PST. According to the official Dark and Darker Discord, the decision to extend beyond Steam Next Fest was made owing to intermittent trade post and matchmaking outages during the fourth playtest.

So far, four playtests have been conducted: the first in September 2022, the second in October, and the third in late December. Each playtest has also been a success thus far, with the majority of people actively participating and offering consistent ideas. Various tweets from the creators themselves exhibiting recent patch notes demonstrate their commitment to developing the game before its official release in Q4 2023.

Although the game is still in development, the ongoing collaboration among its community members will only help to make this title a unique and fun experience. It’s crucial to note that, while Dark and Darker has been a lot of fun to play, it’s still in alpha. This implies that different flaws and mistakes are bound to appear when adventuring – be patient with the title, and appreciate everything in its present condition while attempting to escape alive.

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