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Countdown to The Day Before: Uncovering the Release Date and What to Expect from this Highly Anticipated Game

The Day Before’s production history has been relatively rocky, despite the fact that there has been a lot of buzz surrounding its upcoming release. The open-world survival MMO set in a zombie-infested America has been at or around the top of Steam’s most-wanted list for months, but there have been various delays along the road. Here is the most recent information on when The Day Before will be published.

When will The Day Before be available?

The Day Before was supposed to come out in June 2022. However, owing to development challenges, this did not occur, and the release date was set for March 2023. This time, it was a copyright dispute that pushed the game’s release date back another further. Following a day of chaos in which The Day Before was withdrawn from Steam without notice before the copyright problem behind the name was revealed, the creators at FNTASTIC came to Twitter to announce that The Day Before will now be launched on November 10th.

The Day Before has yet to emerge on Steam at the time of publication, therefore its fate was uncertain. Eight months is a long time to put off a game, especially since it was allegedly ready to go in a matter of weeks. We believe the creators are bracing themselves for a lengthy legal struggle, maybe involving a rebranding and name change.

If the team can rapidly resolve the copyright strike, the game will challenge players against ravenous infected and desperate survivors in a world where commodities like food, ammo, and gasoline are all scarce. According to the gameplay clip for The Day Before, the game offers a combination of crafting and warfare to help players live in the harsh environment, but first the makers must overcome the most difficult obstacle: American copyright law.

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