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Conquering the Planet Link Milestone in No Man’s Sky’s Utopia Expedition

The fourth Milestone in No Man’s Sky’s Utopia Mission is Planet Connection. To finish it, you must obtain an Exocraft and begin exploring the world where you started. This tutorial will show you how to get that Exocraft so you don’t have to rush around like a chump.

How to Deploy an Exocraft Structure

To launch an Exocraft, you must first construct a Geobay. It doesn’t matter which one, but completing the Ground Control Milestone in the Utopia Adventure will net you a Geobay Blueprint Pack, so it’s worth returning to accomplish that if you haven’t already. Then it’s a question of deciding which Exocraft to launch.

What you need for this Milestone depends on the sort of Exocraft you use. Each Geobay needs various resources to construct, so choosing a more advanced Exocraft like the Minotaur may make your life more challenging. We recommend choosing a basic Exocraft because it should be something you can construct early in the game, and you should be very early in the Utopia Expedition at this time, so you need to make life as easy as possible.

After deciding which Exocraft to send, you must construct the Geobay for it. The Nomad Geobay, which needs 5 metal plating, 2 ion batteries, and 50 paraffinium, was our choice. Once you have the resources, position the Geobay next to your base to finish the Milestone. From the Adventure option, you can now obtain the Hermetic Seal Designs, an Ultimate Exocraft Engine Upgrade, 256 Condensed Carbon, and a Powerful Movement System Upgrade.

The Nomad Exocraft is a quick-moving floating vehicle that can easily navigate even the most difficult terrain. It’s simple to operate and not overly sluggish. The increased storage capability will make investigating and picking up everything you see much more feasible. That’s helpful for the Utopia Expedition because you’ll be doing a lot of construction and will require a lot of materials.

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