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Conquer the Tableturf with Friends: Mastering Splatoon 3’s Multiplayer Mode!

The new season of Splatoon 3 has arrived, and with it, some exciting new upgrades. In addition to returning to familiar ground, players can now dare their pals to a pleasant (or not-so-friendly) game of Tableturf Battle. If you’re itching to show off your new card, here’s how to play Tableturf Combat in Splatoon 3.

Tableturf Battle: How to Play with Friends

The solo form of Tableturf Battle has been available since the release of Splatoon 3, but it wasn’t until the Fresh Season 2023 that friends could be challenged to a battle. If you’ve already explored Inkopolis and want to unwind with a card game, you can do so by entering the Lobby Station. You should be acquainted with this building because it is where the major matches are held.

Continue up the steps until you reach the gathering of tables. Walk up to one to commence playing Tableturf Combat. Before you begin, you can choose whether to play Tableturf Battle alone or with companions by pressing the Left or Right directional keys. To view the inventory of available rooms created by your peers, press A.

You don’t have any open rooms? That’s fine because you can easily create one by hitting the Y button. This will display the choice to enable audio chat through the Nintendo App or to establish a password.

Once the room has been established, you can notify any pals who have Splatoon 3 that you are ready to dare them in Tableturf Battle by accessing the room options with the L button. Hold Y to transmit the message, then wait for your pals to join you in a Tableturf Fight.

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