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Comfey in Pokémon Unite: Best Builds and Moveset

Comfey is a Fairy-type Pokémon that appears to be as innocent as it can be with its ring of flowers and diminutive size. You’re probably wondering how to use this friendly Pokémon in combat now that it’s been added to Pokémon Unite. Here are the greatest builds and movesets for Comfey in Pokémon Unite, as this species makes its first appearance in a game since Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Comfey’s best moves in Pokémon Unite

Comfey is a support-type Pokémon in Pokémon Unite, which means you should focus on aiding your teammates rather than engaging in battles on your own. You want to be near your teammates all the time so you can link yourself to them and heal them. You want to keep your team’s most powerful weapon. As a result, we propose starting with Synthesis at level 1 and progressing to Vine Whip at level 2.

The Triage passive ability is important to know while dealing with this beast. Comfey will eventually gain a blossom, or four if it encounters thick grass. It can store up to eight flowers at once, and these flowers are eaten to improve particular moves.

Floral Healing is one of the techniques that benefits from Triage, and we recommend equipping it at level 4. This move heals any ally you attach to and can offer shields and movement speed with an upgrade when they are completely healed.

We recommend taking Grass Knot at level 6. This can capture up to two opponent Pokémon, who may feel overwhelmed and attempt to avoid your partner’s attacks. This is useful against any adversaries that were overconfident in taking on your buddy.

Comfey’s best goods in Pokémon Unite

Slow Smoke is the Battle Item we recommend employing with your Comfey in Pokémon Unite. You may use this in conjunction with Grass Knot to ensure that you and your partner can finish off a low-health opponent.

When it comes to Held Items, Exp. Share is a necessary in order to consistently get enough experience when assisting your teammates in defeating other Pokémon. Buddy Barrier is another suggestion, so that when you use Flowery Fields Forever, you are not just increasing your healing but also providing shields to you and a buddy, making you unbeatable. Your own preference might be the final held item. Because Leftovers do not have high defensive numbers, we recommend using them to assist your Comfey stay in the fight.

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