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Chilling Showcase: Alyss Unveils Her Frighteningly Good Skills in Tower of Fantasy Simulacrum

Tower of Fantasy, a somewhat more sci-fi alternative MMO experience to the mega hit Genshin Impact, arrived in 2022. Tower of Fantasy has proven to be an entertaining enough experience to have its own loyal fans since its Western debut last summer, and its developers have been consistently adding new material, characters, and more to the game over time. “Version 2.3: Amidst Miasma,” the game’s next big update, offers fascinating new narratives to follow, as well as a key new Simulacrum available to pull for — Alyss, who is affiliated with the weapon Unyielding Wing.

The developers doubled down on the new feature recently with Simulacrum Showcase on YouTube, showcasing Alyss’ abilities and giving fans cause to be thrilled for her debut on February 2. Alyss is an ice-oriented character that uses her dance-themed strikes and frost talents to freeze foes in place and do massive damage. Chilling Field, one of her most powerful-looking abilities, collects around enemies and sets down an area of influence that boosts frost assaults. In addition, scoring 12 successful strikes while Chilling Field is active will activate Spatial Slice, which does damage to adjacent opponents every few of seconds.

Alyss also appears to be a decent pick for gamers who aren’t wanting to spend a lot of money in order to play the game well. If they can add her to their team by collecting her in Tower of Fantasy’s banners, they may dramatically boost her effectiveness in a party simply by upgrading her to her 1-star advancement level, which is rather easy to do even for free-to-play gamers. This will provide her a skill that activates her discharge skill automatically when a frost weapon skill is used in Chilling Field, which can stack to do significant damage to opponents. If you enjoy frosty Tower of Fantasy content, Alyss appears to be a character to keep an eye on when she becomes available next month.

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