You are currently viewing Capcom is discontinuing the cloud version of Resident Evil 7 for Switch fans in Japan, which will be unavailable after May

Capcom is discontinuing the cloud version of Resident Evil 7 for Switch fans in Japan, which will be unavailable after May

Resident Evil 7 Cloud Edition for Nintendo Switch will be pulled offline in Japan later this year, according to Capcom. The title’s rental streaming edition has been accessible in the area for longer than it has in Western nations, and it appears that the publisher no longer considers it viable.

According to Silliconera, Capcom has stated that anyone in Japan who has a renting ticket for Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version must use it and enjoy the game before May 29. Switch users were able to purchase a 180-day ticket that enables them to play the game within that time, but the servers will be shut down at the end of May, meaning you won’t be able to play regardless of how long is remaining on your pass.

Resident Evil 7, Village, 2, and 3 were all revealed for the Switch in the west as cloud editions late last year. These are still accessible today, and their product pages make no note of service termination at the time of writing. Rental tickets for Resident Evil 7 Cloud Edition were discontinued around the same time they were released in the west, in December 2022. Anyone who already had a ticket could, however, redeem it and participate.

Today’s announcement sets a firm deadline for Switch users in Japan to enjoy one of the greatest Resident Evil games on Nintendo’s handheld device. However, it also demonstrates how quickly a publisher or creator can withdraw your access to a game. After May 29, there will be no means to play the first-person survival horror game on Switch in the area, and there will be no evidence of its presence other than internet reviews and news reports.

There has been no word on whether Capcom intends to discontinue the same service for Resident Evil Cloud Editions in the west. However, if sales drop and the cost of running streaming servers becomes unviable, it’s easy to see the company doing the same elsewhere.

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