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Cal Kestis’ Walking Woes in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Uncovered

There is a disruption in the force, and Cal Kestis may perish as a result. The critical situation he is now dealing with is not readily solved by a lowly Probe Droid or a cross-eyed Stormtrooper. Unfortunately, our protagonist’s walking animation implies he has a nasty case of the bubble guts that only a fast trip to the bathroom will cure.

Players were able to get an early peek at the next adventure of Cal Kestis as he hunts for methods to live against the terrible Galactic Empire thanks to the latest gameplay preview offered via an IGN First clip. Throughout the clip, though, it appeared like Cal was battling to fight off a whole new group of monsters.

A few keen observers had remarked that Cal’s stride lacked the assurance of a seasoned Jedi Knight. Instead, it was seen as a desperate attempt to locate a nearby restroom, something only individuals with a full stomach have often had the misery of experiencing.

As the gravity of the situation worsened, our main character would finally resort to running in an attempt to avoid the dreadful catastrophe that was about to unfold. However, no matter how hard Cal pushed, his actions would be seen by onlookers as further proof of his continuous fight with his bowels.

Unfortunately, because the film was cut short, it’s unclear whether our protagonist was able to find comfort. It is worth mentioning, however, that the footage displayed in the video was taken from a pre-release build, suggesting that Respawn Entertainment may finally offer Cal the opportunity to reduce his burden before the final product is published.

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