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Cait Farming 101: Level up your Octopath Traveler II adventure!

Octopath Traveler II is a sprawling and immersive JRPG that provides players with a complete list of all the monsters and creatures that each of the eight characters will encounter on their journey. Most enemies leave loot and a set number of EXP points when defeated, but there is one exception: the elusive Cait. When defeated, this uncommon and powerful cat monster gives a massive amount of experience. However, the Cait is difficult to locate and even more difficult to defeat, making it a daunting challenge for many players.

Caits farming locations in Octopath Traveler

Caits are elusive felines with quick reactions and a proclivity for fleeing. They don’t have a set spawn location, but you can increase your odds of encountering them by using some of the game’s skills and accessories. By equipping the More Rare Monsters ability for hunters and donning the Cait Powder accessory, you’ll become a Cait-finding machine for a small fee. Once you’ve cornered a Cait, equip the Exp Augmentor and Extra Experience abilities to maximize your farming efforts. With these two items equipped, you can increase the amount of experience you gain from each Cait you slay — but don’t capture or collect!

How to keep Caits from escaping

Just because you’ve discovered one doesn’t mean it’ll remain. If you don’t take them down soon, Caits will flee the battle. To beat Cait, you must break its two shields and use weapon-based attacks such as a blade, dagger, axe, or staff. Because Cait has a high rate of evasion, you might be better off using special abilities that strike multiple times or magic attacks with a boost. Physical attackers can also use Soulstones to stop Cait from fleeing, but they must first strike. Equipping the Heighten Senses hunter skill or the Skill Fleefoot thief skill ensures that you always have the upper hand in combat, rather than being ambushed.

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