You are currently viewing Bungie has finally won an anti-cheat case, and AimJunkies has agreed to pay Bungie $4.3 million for their Destiny 2 hacks.

Bungie has finally won an anti-cheat case, and AimJunkies has agreed to pay Bungie $4.3 million for their Destiny 2 hacks.

Bungie has been granted $4.3 million in compensation for its first major legal victory against a Destiny 2 hack creator. AimJunkies was fined $3.6 million and had to pay an extra $738,000 in legal expenses. This is not only fantastic news for the Destiny 2 developer, but it also establishes a precedent that other developers can follow in similar situations in the future.

AimJunkies is a gaming hack creator for a variety of games, including Destiny 2. These tricks can help a player outperform others in multiplayer game types or just raise their account by making it simpler to hit adversaries with auto-aiming. Several of the hacks developed by the corporation in the past have been exploited by raid teams in Destiny 2 in their quest to be the first group to complete a new raid. Happily, none of these attempts appear to have been successful, but it has always been a risk and topic of contention among Destiny 2 fans.

Last year, Bungie’s complaint against AimJunkies was first rejected. This was because AimJunkies successfully argued that creating cheats did not constitute copyright infringement. Bungie’s claim was flawed, according to the company’s lawyers, because the hacks utilized were entirely unique. The corporation then went on the offense, issuing subpoenas to numerous companies, using its victory with Bungie as an example. But, the judges were not pleased and dismissed the cases.

NEWS: Bungie has won a $4.3 million award against a #Destiny2 cheat seller AimJunkies in arbitration. ($3.6m in damages and $738k in fees)— Destiny Bulletin (@DestinyBulletn) February 20, 2023

The victory was announced today on Twitter by Destiny Bulletin. This effectively implies that the disagreement between Bungie and AimJunkies was sent to one or more arbitrators, who rendered a legally enforceable judgement. The decision to go via arbitration means that this matter will not go to court, and the arguments and results will be kept private.

AimJunkies has also entered a Permanent Injunction as of the end of January 2023, as shown in the screenshot published by Destiny Bulletin. It is not specified what this is, but we feel it is very evident that this Permanent Injunction restricts AimJunkies from developing hacks for Destiny 2 and maybe other Bungie products in the future.

Bungie can breathe easier now that the most blatant Destiny 2 cheat creator has been removed from the equation. The developer is undoubtedly focused on the release of the game’s next big addition, Lightfall, which will be published next week following the epic end to The Witch Queen’s year or so of content.

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