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Bungie Disables Overpowered Destiny 2 Exotic Weapon in Raids, Dungeons, and Gambit Due to Game-Breaking Issues

Bungie has had to perform a lot of quick upkeep since the release of its newest Destiny 2 expansion, Lightfall, earlier this week. Just yesterday, the team took to Twitter to issue a public service announcement telling players that they may inadvertently skip a crucial cutscene, and now an even larger issue has emerged. Fans have found that the Winterbite Glaive Exotic weapon presently has a potent glitch that has forced the creator to deactivate its use in almost all pertinent content for the time being.

The glitch in issue allows the Winterbite Glaive’s projectiles to deal massive damage at random. Players aren’t sure what causes the glitch, but the damage is so high that it can possibly one-shot most foes and monsters. While Bungie works on a remedy, they have determined that the best course of action for the time being is to prevent the weapon from breaking the game. It is no longer usable in groups, dungeons, or Gambit gameplay.

Due to an issue where the Winterbite Exotic Glaive can deal more damage than intended, it has been disabled in all raids, dungeons, and Gambit.— Bungie Help (@BungieHelp) March 4, 2023

The Winterbite Glaive Exotic weapon has been a common tool for Lightfall users to obtain. It is obtained after finishing a long Strider quest chain. Players understand why it was temporarily stopped, theorizing that the projectile damage is treating one occurrence of shatter damage as multiple impacts. Some players have also discovered an extra bug with the glaive, in which performing Close to Melee on any glaive will also enhance the Winterbite Glaive.

The Lightfall expansion for Destiny 2 has been quite effective since its release, but general audience reaction has been mixed. Many consider it a step down from the Witch Queen update, but Bungie has been working hard to resolve any issues that players have raised.

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