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Blumhouse, Master of Horror Films, Unleashes Terror in the Gaming World

Blumhouse Games, the production firm behind M3GAN and Get Out, has recently announced its entry into the gaming market. According to the company, it will work with small game developers to generate more horror-themed content on a tight budget. Blumhouse has assured fans that the budgets for these next gaming projects would not surpass $10 million, in keeping with the studio’s approach to films.

Blumhouse Studios has gotten a lot of attention for its blockbuster horror film ventures, such as Paranormal Activity and The Purge. The firm, founded by producer Jason Blum, has been a pillar of horror, with multiple movies receiving critical praise for their unique take on the genre. Pictures like Get Out have redefined what it means to be really afraid, particularly in modern surroundings. Needless to say, the reaction to the Blumhouse Games news has been overwhelmingly favorable, with fans on Twitter expressing their enthusiasm for new horror content types.

We can’t wait you all to hear more about what our friends @zachnwood and #DonSechler are up to… they’re now running @BlumhouseGames 💪🏽

From @Lucas_Shaw @business— Blumhouse (@blumhouse) February 21, 2023

There has also been a lot of praise for Blumhouse’s choice to work with independent creators, as indie horror games have always been on the bleeding edge of the horror genre. The following are the results of the survey.

Blumhouse Games has a Twitter account, but it has yet to make any information about new content or even generate a profile image. The account, however, is presently exclusively following the official NASA Twitter page, leading enthusiasts to suspect that the first Blumhouse gaming title may be space-related. While this is extremely likely, it will take some time to find out what horrors Blumhouse Games has in store for us.

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