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Why are Battle Passes everywhere? Battle pass popularity, explained

Yo, so if you’re a gamer these days, you can bet your sweet bippy that you’ll run into some kind of battle pass. These things are basically timed reward systems that hook you up with exclusive goodies if you play the game within a certain timeframe. But let’s be real, battle passes are getting a little played out. Here’s the lowdown on why so many games are using them and why they’re so popular.

Why do so many games use battle passes?

The main reason why game companies are all about the battle pass is because it rakes in the cash and keeps players coming back for more. Sure, there are some folks who hate the idea of a battle pass, but they’ve been proven to keep a game’s fanbase going for a long time. Fortnite is the big daddy success story, but other games like Dead by Daylight, Overwatch 2, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, and Rocket League keep fans coming back season after season.

But here’s the thing: there’s a bit of a battle pass overload happening right now. Every game company wants a slice of that sweet, sweet cash pie that the big dogs are getting. That’s why we’ve got games like Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League forcing a battle pass and microtransaction store into their game to try and keep players coming back. The idea is that the more time and attention you put into a game, the more likely you are to throw some extra cash its way. But if the game can’t keep that fanbase going, it’s going to flop like Knockout City and Rumbleverse.

Now, some folks might say that battle passes are totally unnecessary. But in some cases, they can actually be good for everyone involved. For one thing, they don’t divide the gaming community like those old DLC packs used to. If the content is all cosmetic and easy to unlock with a bit of gameplay, then it’s worth it to invest more time into the game. This means that developers can keep churning out those sweet multiplayer experiences we all love. But there’s a catch: the game has to be good enough to keep players coming back.

Basically, the problem with battle passes right now is that too many games are trying to jump on that bandwagon. The big dogs like Fortnite can pull it off and keep fans happy, but we don’t need every single game to feature a battle pass AND microtransactions AND a full price tag. Eventually, there will be a reckoning and fewer games will use battle passes. But until something else comes along that’s just as popular, battle passes will remain the go-to choice for game companies looking to make some cash off of their online multiplayer games.

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