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Atomic Heart’s Insane Six-Hour Robot Twins Cutscene: Fact or Fiction?

Mundfish, the creator behind Atomic Heart, has adopted an obsession with the artificial ballerina sisters featured prominently in the FPS title’s marketing. Using this obsession to drive home some marketing imagery, the idea that there is a six-hour sex-driven sequence between the primary protagonist and one (or both) of the twins evolved. Mundfish didn’t instantly dismiss the reports, urging one Twitter user to ‘find out’ for themselves how much sex is in the game. With the game finally out, the issue remains: is there a six-hour sex sequence with the twins in Atomic Heart?

Is Atomic Heart’s love scene six hours long?

To put it simply, there is no six-hour sex sequence in Atomic Heart, not with the Twins, not with the babushka, and not even by yourself while waiting in an elevator. There are some bizarre sequences in which the Twins stick their hands into each other’s navels to recover plot items, but that is the extent of the penetration in this movie. Atomic Heart does have a few lengthy sequences that players must suffer through, but nothing close to a half-hour in length. The reported sequence appears to be the result of a bizarre fan speculation that got out of hand, due in large part to a faked picture of the Twins with overlaid text.

Players could be forgiven for thinking this because the Twins are strangely made in-game, with numerous sexually charged features like high-definition areolas that protrude slightly from the Twins’ spandex-like top. The Rule 34 group has also exploded since the revelation of the Twins of Atomic Heart, which Mundfish has stated is well aware of. The overwhelming majority of unwelcome sexual material in Atomic Heart, on the other hand, comes from the cringe-worthy dialogue of NORA the upgrade station, where Mundfish explores what it’s like to be sexually harassed on a regular basis.

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