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Atomic Heart Hack: How to Increase Subtitle and Text Size for Better Gaming Experience!

Subtitles provide a variety of usability benefits. They not only assist players with hearing problems in playing games, but they also allow everyone to keep up with dialogue regardless of the setting in which they are playing. This is why captions exist; they allow you to comprehend everything without difficulty. If you’re new to Atomic Heart, you might be thinking if there’s a method to make subtitles and text larger to make it easier to comprehend. Let us investigate.

Can you change the height of the subtitles and writing in Atomic Heart?

We’ve played Atomic Heart for over 40 hours and have yet to find a setting in the game that allows us to increase the height of the captions and text. In reality, this isn’t the only item missing from the game; we can’t locate any other useful options, such as colorblind options.

You can see how difficult it can be to read the words on the screen if you’re seated more than a few steps away from your TV or computer if you’re presently playing Atomic Heart. The issue isn’t confined to the subtitles; several Characters have a line of text above their heads as well. The subtitles and the writing above the NPC’s head are both small and challenging to comprehend. The only way to correctly read them is to get incredibly close to the screen, which can be inconvenient because you’ll have to shift your position or get up several times during gaming. If you require spectacles or have other vision impairments, you may have difficulty playing the game.

Because the issue is causing a lot of players to be upset, we can anticipate the developers to add a choice to make the subtitles and text font larger via an update. However, there has been no formal statement about such an update as of yet, leaving players who are unable to see the text in the dark.

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