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Atomic Heart Developer Shuts Down Data Harvesting Rumors: Denies Allegations of Collaboration with Russian Authorities

Mundfish, the creator of Atomic Heart, has disputed reports that it collects user data and provides it to Russian authorities.

Earlier this week, AIN.Capital published an explosive report alleging that Mundfish’s Russian store website included a clause informing users that their data could be collected and sent to Russian state authorities such as the tax office and the Federal Security Service (FSB), a Russian federal body with broad authority to implement government policy on national defense and counterterrorism.

Mundfish’s website policy, according to AIN, also highlighted “Russian mobilization regulations, under which soldiers are presently being recruited in Russia to conduct the illegal war against Ukraine.” Furthermore, AIN claimed that Atomic Heart is “supported by Russian financiers” and that Mundfish’s legal address is in Moscow.

Mundfish denied charges of data collecting in a response to GamesRadar+, claiming that the privacy statement quoted in AIN’s story is “outdated and incorrect.”

“Our game and website DO NOT COLLECT ANY INFORMATION OR DATA,” a Mundfish official claimed. “The privacy statement on the website is out of date and incorrect, and it should have been deleted years ago. We have closed the shop to reassure our customers about the quality of our studio and products. We regret for any confusion this has caused.”

Mundfish has neither acknowledged or refuted reports that its website formerly requested users to consent to data collection, that its privacy policy included Russian authorities, or that it has a Moscow office.

The Atomic Heart creator was chastised earlier this month for a comment about Russia’s continuing invasion of Ukraine. The statement makes no mention of the Russo-Ukrainian War, instead condemning “offensive, bigoted, discriminatory, aggressive, or threatening language or material” and describing Mundfish as a “pro-peace group against violence against people.”

It’s worth mentioning that Mundfish’s debut title, Atomic Heart, stars a KGB spy in an alternate future in which the Soviet Union masters robotics to defeat Nazi Germany and finish World War II. The present issue surrounding Mundfish revolves around whether or not the studio got financing from Russian government in order to produce Atomic Heart. The studio’s statement today makes no mention of it, although the subject is likely on the minds of many who are looking forward to the game.

Mundfish is a Cyprus-based “international team” comprising developers from “countries such as Poland, Ukraine, Austria, Georgia, Israel, Armenia, UAE, Serbia, and Cyprus,” according to its website.

Atomic Heart will be available on February 21.

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