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Asus Unveils Xbox-Licensed PC Controller: Tri-Mode Connectivity and OLED Screen Included

Asus, a computer and electrical device firm, has announced the launching of the Asus ROG Raikiri, a new high-end Xbox-licensed PC controller. A 1.3-inch OLED screen will be placed above the Xbox button on the new controller. Custom charge status, microphone status, Bluetooth connection, text, profile switching, and custom animations will be displayed on the screen. The controller’s screen is remarkably similar to the Dreamcast controller, which also had a little screen to display pictures.

In addition, the Asus ROG Raikiri will be the first Xbox-based controller with tri-mode connection. The controller’s tri-mode connection will allow it to connect to any Windows 10 or 11 device, as well as any Xbox Series S/X console. To connect their Asus ROG Raikiri to other devices, owners must utilize Bluetooth, a low-latency 2.4GHz RF mode, or a wired USB-C adapter. To provide owners with a lag-free Bluetooth connection for gaming, the controller will employ adaptive frequency hopping technology (AFH). The controller also features an ESS DAC audio built-in for the greatest sound, as well as a 3.5 mm headphone connector and mute button.

The Raikiri Pro is designed to provide players with the optimal grip, with four left and right buttons on the back, maximizing controller output and providing players with satisfyingly real feel with each push. The Raikiri Pro, according to Asus, is also incredibly customisable, with the Armoury Crate app allowing owners to tweak the control layout to fit the controller to their individual playstyle. The Armoury Crate may also be used to incorporate a brief trigger lock mode for the left and right triggers.

The Asus Raikiri Pro controller looks to be a higher-end model than the Xbox Pro controllers. On its website, Asus has not released an official release date or pricing for the Raikiri Pro, although it is expected later this year. Given the pricing of a normal Pro controller, prospective purchasers could expect to pay more than $180 for this high-end equipment.

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