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Apex Legends Season 16 Launch Plagued by Lag and Server Woes

Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry was published this week to rave reviews from players. This season introduces a new game mode and modifies the majority of Legends, dramatically changing the game. Unfortunately, not everyone is having a good time with it because of mysterious server issues and latency that affects all Xbox consoles.

Apex Legends’ player count has risen to its greatest concurrent user counts ever, owing to the latest update. Season 16: Revelry appeals to players for a variety of reasons, including a change in how certain Legends work and the addition of the all-new Team Deathmatch mode to deliver something a little different for first person shooter enthusiasts. Yet, the release of this season on Xbox has been anything but seamless.

Many players are reporting slowness and server troubles when playing the game on an Xbox console at the time of writing. The game, whether on an Xbox One or an Xbox Series X/S, simply does not live up to expectations. We’ve seen many of the problems ourselves, which started with the Season 16: Revelry upgrade taking six or seven hours to fully download.

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Players have reported that the game is generally fairly sluggish, resulting in controller inputs registering a few seconds after you make them. As you can expect, this results in a mediocre gameplay experience. We saw the red wi-fi connection indicator, warning us that our connection to the servers was poor despite the fact that no one else was using the wi-fi, turn on at the start of every Team Deathmatch round, and it never left our sight. Additional issues mention Legends taking a few more steps after you stop sprinting, putting them in the fire line, and becoming caught in loading screens while everyone else is having fun.

Respawn Entertainment and EA have remained silent about the topic, and they may not even be aware of it. The only information we have concerning the game’s performance is about Team Deathmatch changes and an upcoming hotfix later today. According to the Apex Legends server status page, all servers are mostly operational. This simply adds to the mystery of why most, if not all, Xbox users are having troubles with the game.

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