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Apex Legends Fans Suspect Stealth Adjustments to Powerful Character

The recently announced Spellbound Collection Event in Apex Legends has granted players anything from superhero-inspired cosmetics to a Showstoppers Heirloom for Seer. Although the patch notes mention adjustments to the crafting rotation, it appears that developer Respawn Entertainment has secretly changed the skills of one Legend in the newest release. Fans now feel that the gravity-defying Horizon is no longer as precise as she always was, after to a startling conclusion from one player.

HisWattson, a content developer, piqued gamers’ interest immediately after the Spellbound event debuted by releasing a video on Twitter demonstrating how Horizon’s iconic Gravity Lift Tactical has perhaps been downgraded. According to the clip, after the Legend utilizes the power and hovers in midair, her weapon accuracy is substantially reduced, to the point where it appears difficult to shoot opponents that remain still. Although Respawn has not stated that this is an intentional nerf, it will have an impact on how players use the Legend, especially because she was previously known to have perfect accuracy while using the move.

Fans have expressed varied feelings over the unlisted modification since HisWattson’s video went viral. “If Pathfinder and Octane can’t shoot correctly from their Ultimates, Horizon shouldn’t be able to shoot accurately from her Tactical,” Reddit user tiddychef claimed. Others, however, claim that Gravity Lift is no longer useful. “What the **** is the point of the ability if you can’t attack from it?” said Redditor AVBforPrez in response to the clip. This modification just makes you a sitting duck for everyone.”

If the nerf is an unanticipated bug, gamers may not have to wait long for the next battle royale update to correct the problem. Dataminers recently uncovered game data indicating that Season 15 would receive another another collecting event in late January, dubbed Celestial Sunrise. Its possible Legend and weapon changes are unclear, although its menus indicate that it has zodiac animal skins and a new Hardcore Royale LTM.

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