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Amazon’s New World game will now follow a seasonal model, with Season 1’s content being revealed

As of March 28, Amazon’s New World MMO will incorporate a seasonal format comparable to titles like Destiny 2 and Fortnite. Each season will include new features and events, as well as a season pass that supporters can buy.

New World has never had seasons, instead updating with new material as it was created and ready for release. Anyone interested in playing the season early can do so now on the game’s Public Test World. Season 1 will launch at the end of March, introducing a new adventure for players to embark on, complete with tasks, an activity stamp card, and new narrative objectives to complete. The Silver Crows is a new tale in New World Season 1: Fellowship and Fire that sees players gather a group and take on a strong warlock.

The new narrative is intertwined with the new Mission, Empyrean Forge. Players must be level 60 or higher to take on the challenge and join Sir Loth in their attempt to stop the strange flow of power from a necropolis. There’s also a new Heart Gem called Fire Storm that summons a flaming whirlwind from a player’s foot.

Events will be included in each season. Season 1 contains three. For a prize in Rabbit’s Revenge, players must track down evil bunnies. Springtime Bloom necessitates that players go outside and gather the blooming vegetation. Rage of the Spriggan introduces a new in-game event with time-limited prizes.

Anyone who has dabbled with season passes before should be acquainted with New World’s approach. Any user can obtain a free track with different items and cosmetics merely by playing the game. Then there’s a special route with more prizes, including Marks of Fortune and extra cosmetics, which players must purchase. The season pass will cost 20,000 Marks of Fortune, which is approximately $20, according to the game’s official Website, which is double the price of a season pass in most other games.

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The New World team has revealed its 2023 plan, which includes four Seasons for the year. This appears to be a lot of content in a year, but most games spread a year’s worth of content across four seasons in a similar manner. A new update will also be released in late 2023, giving fans even more to do.

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