You are currently viewing Against the Storm’s Latest Update Enhances Logistics and Introduces a New, Adorable Fox Species

Against the Storm’s Latest Update Enhances Logistics and Introduces a New, Adorable Fox Species

Against the Storm’s latest update includes changes to worker logistics, a meta shift in favor of the player, various upgrades, and the launch of a fresh new race. Foxes won the community voting, thus the upcoming race will be centered on these cunning little mammals.

The Favoring Update is the latest edition of the game from developer Eremite Games. That’s because the major issue it tries to address in each run of this roguelike city builder is species favoritism. Every species has its own set of requirements, and until recently, it was easier to prefer one over the others in order to make life easier and prevent losing too many workers. However, Eremite Games wants this to change, thus this update includes a variety of adjustments to level the playing field, so to speak. It needs input on these adjustments, but using many species should now work considerably better, eliminating the need to favor one over the others.

Of course, the most exciting thing in this update is the arrival of additional species in the future. According to the results of a recent community survey, foxes will be the next species introduced to Against the Storm. These fascinating critters, as seen in the concept image above, have been given a rainpunk makeover for the game and will be the fifth species you can utilize when they’re launched this April.

The final major piece of information in this release concerns logistics. We’ve all seen workers trek across the entire map to acquire resources that should be in a lot nearby building. This update alters the way worker logic searches for resources, implying that they will look in other neighboring buildings for what they require rather than the nearest warehouse, which may be near your Hub. With the new UI, you can even see where they’re looking.

While there aren’t many new features in this version, the bug repairs and enhancements will be seen by everybody playing the game right now. If you’re interested in the precise changes, we recommend reading through the entire patch notes.

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