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Against All Odds: “Team Fortress 2” Rises from the Ashes with a Massive Summer Update

Team Fortress 2, the game that peaked in popularity before Disney even owned Star Wars, is back in style. This 2007 cooperative shooter hasn’t seen any significant updates in years, but it still has a sizable fan base and a Steam presence. The Team Fortress 2 community now has something to talk about, as Valve has issued a small blog post informing fans that the game will receive a real content-filled update this summer…along with some questions.

According to the blog post, Valve intends to release a “full-on update-sized update” this summer. It will also include new goods, maps, taunts, odd effects, war paints, and other features. Previous upgrades throughout the years have just included item updates, so this new material is causing quite a stir.

The message, however, serves as a rallying cry for Steam Workshop authors to get to work on generating new material and submitting it to the Steam Workshop by May 1. Many fans are wondering whether this update will be meaningful or just more user-generated stuff. Some members of the community are hanging on to the “more” aspect of the announced update, hoping for something really fresh and fantastic to get them back into the game.

Team Fortress 2 is not extinct. It remains a successful Steam title with a committed fan base that makes it clear that the game could use some attention. Players have raised awareness about issues such as bugs, bots, and neglect. This summer, perhaps they will finally find the answers they seek.

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