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A speedrunner has managed to beat Sons of the Forest in under 10 minutes, using nothing but a stick.

Sons of the Forest has only been available in early access for a few days, but players are already attempting to breach the game. Being in early access allows people to experiment with clever methods to leverage game mechanics to their benefit. One speedrunner even used a stick, the game’s most prevalent item, to clip their way to a sub-ten minute speed run, activating the conclusion in just over nine minutes.

Sons of the Forest is intended to be a survival game in which the player solves riddles and discovers essential objects in order to unravel the secret of this island wilderness. This person decided to ignore all of the previous gameplay and forge their own route to success.

The speedrunner bolts in the general direction of the game’s subterranean bunker and caverns leading to the conclusion. Much of this entails climbing up topography, and the player avoids falling harm by making good use of the crafting book. When you load and open the book, your character will acquire sledding physics on downhill hills instead of plummeting to their demise.

Once at the location, the only thing left to do is make good use of a simple staff. Using the stick at specific places throughout the facility allows for clipping through walls and into regions that would otherwise be unavailable without fully investigating the island. After that, it’s just a short journey through lava-filled caves to the island’s hidden riddle and the game’s conclusion.

Sons of the Forest will undoubtedly be fixed over early access to address these amusing exploits, but for the time being, it is the ideal time to travel off the beaten route and be unhinged with it.

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