You are currently viewing A new trailer for The Sims 4: Growing Together expansion highlights the importance of family dynamics in the game.

A new trailer for The Sims 4: Growing Together expansion highlights the importance of family dynamics in the game.

The Sims 4: Growing Together has received a new in-depth video, in which fans can see how much this game update will alter the lives of their sims families. Every The Sims 4 game expansion adds new methods to enjoy the game. Laundry became a new task to keep note of in Laundry Day Stuff. Snowboarding, mountain hiking, and interpersonal landmarks were all important in Snowy Escape. When it comes to Growing Together, the new game introduces new methods for your sim families to connect. That, or to fight like genuine families do.

The family relations tab is one of the most significant adjustments introduced by Growing Together. You can decide what kind of relationship two familial avatars will have here. You can find it near the same spot where you select whether avatars are relatives, partners, parents, children, and so on. You can now intentionally state that a pair has a very funny relationship, or that a mother and kid are very close. You can also tell the game that their dynamic is challenging, which will cause the simulations to have more conflict.

Your characters’ “social compatibility” will also influence how they handle each other. This new The Sims 4 measure will compute two sims’ affinity based on their likes, hobbies, and shared landmarks. They will be more compatible if they both enjoy horticulture, the color green, and have shared pleasant experiences. However, if one person loves pink and the other despises it, or if they hold grudges against one another, their social compatibility will be very poor. This implies that even pre-existing households can experience more organic strife. Previously, conflict was mostly limited to our cue options or flavor text explanations. The Sims 4 classic townies, such as sisters Angela and Lilith, will now have nothing in common and will battle more. Bob and Eliza Pancakes, a notoriously incompatible pair, will be torn between Eliza’s snobbish character and Bob’s sloth. Growing Together adds a lot of spice to your sims’ family relationships in a natural, amusing manner.

Will you use this expansion pack on March 16 to help your families develop together or to drive them apart?

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