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A Guide to League of Legends Maintenance Durations

Games like League of Legends require servers and maintenance to perform normally at all times. This is why League of Legends requires ongoing upgrades and maintenance to address any potential server issues and maintain the smoothest gaming possible. League of Legends frequently has planned maintenance to repair problems up on the developer’s end, and the game becomes unusable during this time. These planned maintenances normally take place when the game is least active. However, League of Legends will occasionally have large server troubles during peak gameplay hours, causing the developers to put the game in maintenance to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

How long does League of Legends maintenance last?

Scheduled maintenance is typically performed in the early mornings or late nights, when the majority of players are asleep or not actively playing the game. These regular maintenances will typically last one to three hours. Maintenance on League of Legends servers can occasionally extend up to seven hours, depending on the severity of the difficulties impacting the servers.

Riot Games will make every effort to resolve any emergency maintenance issues that arise during active gaming hours. These sorts of maintenance will take one to two hours to complete since the developers will be working on the problem with all hands on deck to get the game functioning in order to avoid any income loss the firm may suffer if the game stays unplayable for an extended period of time. However, if the problem is too tough for the developers to resolve fast, emergency maintenance may last several hours.

When the League of Legends servers are down for maintenance, check the service status page and the Down Detector to see how the game’s servers are doing. Follow Riot Games‘ social media pages to find out when the servers will be back up and running and when the game will no longer be in maintenance.

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