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Will the 2023 World Baseball Classic be featured in MLB The Show 23?

Okay, so check it out! There’s gonna be a World Baseball Classic (WBC) in March with twenty teams battling it out for the crown. And get this: MLB The Show 23 is dropping soon, so everybody’s wondering if the folks at San Diego Studios (SDS) are gonna hook us up with some WBC-themed goodies in the game. It’s not often you see WBC stuff in video games, but SDS just answered our prayers with a one-minute YouTube video announcing that MLB The Show 23 will feature jerseys and players from the Classic in Diamond Dynasty. Boom!

SDS announces WBC content for MLB The Show 23

Now, get this: the 2023 WBC is the first one in six years, thanks to that pesky COVID-19 pandemic messing things up. Normally, the Classic happens every four years. But hey, better late than never, right?

This is actually a pretty big deal, since WBC content hasn’t been included in many video games since the first event back in 2006. There was that one time in 2006 when Major League Baseball 2K6 had a whole tournament mode dedicated to the WBC, but that’s been the exception to the rule. So yeah, this is some exciting stuff!

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