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Riot Games releasing a new set is the most thrilling time of year for any Teamfight Tactics user. Following the release of Set 8 for the Christmas season of last year, TFT will release its first new collection of 2023 with Set 8.5. This mid-set should lend the Creatures Attack! motif a new look. Whether it’s more champions, villains, or something more potent on the horizon, fans can’t wait to see what Set 8.5 has in store for them.

TFT Set 8.5 PBE, as well as the actual release date

Fortunately, TFT Set 8.5 is not far off. The PBE edition of the collection will be available on March 8, with the formal general release date scheduled for March 22. So, if you have anything else to complete on your Battle Pass or more titles to grind to achieve Platinum level, you only have a month. Once Set 8.5 is activated, there is no turning back.

Set 8.5, like all other mid-set updates, arrives 3-4 months after the original set. So, when March arrives, be sure to delve right into Set 8.5. The set will most likely only last until June before giving way to Set 9 for the summer (Pool Party, anyone?).

What is new in TFT Set 8.5?

Every mid-set reset entails the substitution of approximately 20 champions as well as a minor reboot of the set’s motif. As a result, we’re likely to see Hero-like Augments in Set 8: Monsters Strike!. However, things are expected to alter. In Set 8.5, for example, Hero Augments may now become Evil Augments.

Given that the shift from Set 7 to Set 7.5 provided players with even more dragons, it would make sense if we received even more monsters or antagonists. However, no one will formally know all of Set 8.5’s exciting new mysteries until the set is removed from the PBE on March 8.

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